Why Canvas

Exciting change in academic technology at Elmira College!  A committee of faculty and administrators has unanimously chosen Canvas by Instructure as Elmira College's new learning management system (LMS) to replace ANGEL. During the Spring 2015 Term 14 faculty and 280 students participated in their courses to test, evaluate, and compare two LMS finalists, including Canvas. Their survey results and comments provided important feedback to the LMS Committee as part of the selection process.

Canvas was chosen because it is a modern, easy-to-use, efficient, and communication focused system that will serve as Elmira College’s primary academic technology resource. In addition to an enhanced student and faculty user experience Canvas provides new tools such as integrated web/video conferencing, a built-in ePortfolio system, mobile apps to quickly and easily access courses, and the ability for faculty to plug in learning modules. Canvas is a cloud-based service like Google Apps that continuously delivers new enhancements and guarantees a near 100% uptime essential for anytime, everyday student and faculty coursework.

There are many benefits to adopting Canvas. Notably our new LMS becomes a major development resource for our faculty and students that enables them to significantly enhance their teaching and learning with technology skills. 

ANGEL will continue to be supported by Blackboard through the Spring of 2016 to facilitate Elmira College's transition to Canvas.