The distribution of survey respondents by full-time and part-time status. 

The distribution of students by the number of courses taken in Canvas. 

Students listed the devices they own in order of most preferred use with Canvas (The sum of the percentages are > 100% because some students use more than one device). 

Google Chrome is the most popular browser among students followed by Safari, which is pre-installed on Macintosh computers. Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported in Canvas. 

67% of students taking the survey rate their satisfaction with Canvas as Excellent or Very Good and 9 out of 10 students rated Canvas at least good or better. 

SAMPLING OF COMMENTS (full results attached as a PDF)

I am new at Elmira College so Canvas was brand new for me. It took me a moment to learn my way around it and I am still currently learning it. It is not bad, I like that I can go check on my assignments and I also know a head of time what we will be doing for class.

Canvas is miles ahead of Angel. The dashboard is user friendly, the course information is easily accessible, and I have no problem submitting assignments. I am so glad we switched.

I feel that submitting assignments on Canvas is much easier than ANGEL. However, I feel that finding files and assignments to complete is more difficult that necessary (though this could be as a result of how my professors organize their pages).

Canvas works well. I have not had any issues with it and it has some nice functions, like the calendar for assignments. I like that it notifies you when teachers put in grades so that you can go check it and that you can put in grades to see how it would affect your grade.

I love everything about Canvas. I like how organized it is (Ex, files, modules, grades). The only issues I sometimes have are where the professors place things under the courses. I enjoy seeing the class average, highest and lowest grades of the class and seeing where I placed with my assignments. At first I didn't like Canvas because it was so different from Angel, but these past 7 weeks I have really grown to enjoy it.

I really like Canvas and all of its features. However it doesn't help when professors don't use it properly and each professor uses it differently. It's hard to keep track of each professor and where they keep their assignments, whether they use discussion boards, or how they are grading

  • Generally, students who responded to the survey are pleased with Canvas and appreciate its many advantages over ANGEL (for those who used ANGEL for their courses in previous years). The many positive comments reflect the 67% satisfaction rate (excellent or very good)
  • Students recognize the challenges for their professors in using and organizing courses in Canvas especially for first-time Canvas Teachers and have suggestions to help students navigate courses (see full comments)
  • Mobile is important to students based on their choice of secondary device (iPhone, Android phone, iPad, Android tablet) after a desktop/laptop with web browser. In a subsequent survey IT will be asking students how frequently they use their mobile devices in Canvas to more accurately predict mobile usage trends. 
  • As a follow-up we in Information Technology will be responding to student comments/questions in the survey such as effective use of mobile devices, notifications, navigation, and access to their submissions from previous courses


Highlights of the Survey

Like Internet Explorer years ago Chrome is the dominant web browser for students (82%) and faculty. 

Web browsers: Chrome and Firefox 

11% use Firefox
89% use Google Chrome

Overall Satisfaction with the transition

89% of faculty rate the overall Canvas transition as Excellent or Very Good.  

Satisfaction with each of the transition services

Most of the transition services were rated excellent or very good > 80% of the time. The exception is Turnitin, which is a separate transition in and of itself. 8 of 23 faculty rated the Turnitin integration no better than good (see red-boxed section below). Please also refer to CONCLUSIONS below. 

Sampling of Comments

Canvas blows Angel out of the water. You've all done an excellent job providing us with resources to make Canvas that much better. Thank you!

Would like to see what other faculty are doing. Not how they did it but what they are doing.

Issues with compatibility between Canvas and Turnitin. Speedgrader sometimes doesn't register submissions, though they are listed in Canvas and Turnitin.

Overall I think the information and support we've received has been excellent. I still need to take some time to understand a few features better, but I have the resources to do that when I make the time.

  • Based on faculty feedback Information Technology will continue with offering transition services such as in-person training, responsive Help Desk, email and phone support, Canvas blogs/web pages, and communication such as Teaching with Canvas newsletters.
  • Although not surprising, the new Turnitin integration in Canvas is challenging based on poor UX to set up, bugs, and features not yet fully implemented. IT will continue to work closely and proactively with  Canvas and Turnitin integration teams and provide updates to frequently asked questions. As an indication of the depth of the integration there are almost 500 comments on the Canvas Community Page
  • Before the full transition the LMS Committee recommended a faculty brown bag or other forum to allow faculty to present how they effectively use Canvas for their teaching. We will follow up on providing such a forum. 
  • Information Technology will follow closely mobile usage by students to assist faculty in their course design
  • A FAQ newsletter will be written to address survey feedback questions on Canvas usage 
  • Looking ahead to the Winter Term Information Technology has developed assessment goals for 2016-2017 that include expanding the use of Canvas for enhanced teaching, assessment, and online learning. These will be shared soon with faculty.


Highlights from the Student Canvas Satisfaction Survey
  • 218 students responded out of the 866 who were enrolled in Canvas courses for the Fall 2015 term.
  • More than half of students took only 1 course in Canvas so the majority of students worked with two systems (ANGEL and Canvas) for their academic work.
  • Students preferred devices in order were desktop or laptop (98%), iPhone 34%, Android phone (16%), and iPad (6%).
  • By a large margin almost 3 out of 4 (73%) students primarily interact with Canvas using Google Chrome. Safari (12%), Internet Explorer (9%), and Firefox (6%) were far behind. For best results Information Technology recommends Chrome or Firefox.
  • More than 3 out of 4 students rated Canvas as Excellent or Very Good (76%). 6% rated Canvas as fair or poor. In March 59% of students rated ANGEL as excellent or very good.

Students provided much feedback in their comments, which are summarized below by category. Information Technology will soon respond to comments that will assist students in more effectively using Canvas.


Highlights from the Faculty Canvas Satisfaction Survey
  • 18 of 32 faculty responded to the survey
  • Faculty preferred devices in order were desktop or laptop (100%), iPad (33%) iPhone (17%), and Android phone (11%).
  • 72% faculty prefer Chrome as their primary web browser and 22% prefer Firefox.
  • 78% of faculty rate Canvas as excellent or very good and the remaining 22% responded with good.
  • Faculty chose a variety of different areas for improvement -- no one tool stood alone in need of enhancement. The full survey includes comments at the end of question 6.